Make a joyful noise

Psalms 98:4 “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth; make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.”

In my treatment of online social media for social good in previous blog posts, I have touched upon the use of these online social platforms to promote communication for social (and political) change as witnessed in what we now call the Arab Spring. I have also addressed how social media and social networking can help to galvanize interest and participation in charitable works, such as with a foundation to help young girls in Liberia to be lifted from poverty through education.

In my widening scope of enquiry, I have also discovered the use of social media and social networking platforms such as,, and to promote spiritual and religious good, in this case by bands that are part of a global Christian youth revival movement that are using the rock concert venue to create a worship experience in which the audience can express their praise and worship to the source of their faith and joy.

To share an example of this use of social media, I compiled four youtube video segments as a playlist on my youtube channel in what appeared to be a sequential recording of the actual event flow of a performance by Jesus Culture at their Awakening conference in Chicago in August, 2011.

I have presented a link to the music performance of “We are hungry” and the remaining videos. These four video segments in the playlist constitute an integral part of this musical worship and the spontaneous and lengthy response from the audience expressing their joy and praise.

On their youtube channel and twitter stream (see links below), they share videos from their performances, instrumental performance tips, and/or information about upcoming events.

And here is a video segment created and uploaded by two attendees who capture the performance from the audience perspective and describe their experience:

On my youtube channel, I include playlists for other Christian music groups who are involved in this revival and use of social media:

I welcome your comments on this music-based revival movement and the use of social media and social networking as a tool for its communication with a global reach.

Many thanks for your comments and best wishes for a blessed and joyful new year!


Jesus Culture Youtube Channel:

Jesus Culture on Twitter:!/jesusculture

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