About Doc’s Blog

Doc at work Welcome to my blog!

This blog is one of the software tools used to support communication and learning on the programhouse.com Web site.

Riding the Crest of Change is the motto of this blog and a phrase that I often use in describing the unifying topic area covered here: technology innovation and how it affects us (and vice versa).

As we reflect on this great wave of change and where it has carried us, we can see that it is dynamic and constantly growing. It is not merely technological, but social; not merely fixed, but mobile. We look forward as well, to where we sense it is moving so that we can catch and hold it in ways that help us continue to ride the crest of change.

Our discussion generates from the vantage points of the user, customer, and learner (and those that design systems for them). Our goal is to highlight our expectations, experiences, and insights that arise in these various roles.

I hope that you will find the on-going dialog that develops here of interest to you as well. Please feel free to offer your posted comments to enrich this dialog.

Thanks for joining us here and welcome aboard,


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